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Which scientist discovered the electrical force between two objects?
a) Einstein
b) Oersted
c) Faraday
d) Coulomb

Which scientist stated that forces exerted on a compass are perpendicular to the electrical current?
a) Coulomb
b) Einstein
c) Oersted
d) Milikan

Which of the following only lists electrical insulators?
a) Cardboard, paper, tin
b) Copper, tin, gold
c) Cardboard, paper, rubber
d) plastic, wet skin, copper

Which of the following only lists electrical conductors?
a) Cardboard, paper, tin
b) Copper, tin, gold
c) Cardboard, paper, rubber
d) Plastic, wet skin, copper

In a step down transformer...
a) current is decreased, voltage is increased
b) current is increased, voltage is decreased
c) current stays the same, voltage decreases
d) None of the above

Beta decay uses....
a) strong nuclear forces
b) weak nuclear forces
c) electrostatic forces
d) gravitational forces

Transverse waves move at a _______ angle to the particles
a) 60
b) 90
c) 120
d) 180

This wave moves parallel to the particles.
a) light
b) sound
c) ocean
d) infrared

every object has a natural frequeny. when this frequency is matched, it produces an increasing amplitude. This is called...
a) diffraction
b) resonance
c) reflection
d) refraction

Fiber optic cables transmit...
a) sound
b) electricity
c) light
d) ultraviolet

Photons have
a) energy and no momentum
b) momentum and no energy
c) neither energy nor momentum
d) both energy and momentum

The kinetic energy of electrons during the photoelectric effect is due to...
a) intensity of the light
b) frequency of the light
c) speed of light
d) none of the above

Different elements produce different emission spectras because each element has a unique...
a) number of protons
b) configuration of electrons
c) response to heating
d) state of matter at room temperature

Missing mass energy equivalence is described by wheich equation
a) PE=mgh
b) KE=1/2mv^2
c) E=mc^2
d) F=ma

Transformers use...
a) Ohm's Law
b) Electricity and Magnetism
c) Nuclear Fission
d) Radioactive decay

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