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Talking on the phone in front of co-workers, supervisors, and customers is _____.
a) acceptable if you keep your voice low
b) rude and unprofessional
c) effective communication
d) necessary when ordering materials

When listening to instructions, the best way to make sure you get all the information is to _____.
a) take notes and compare them with other co-workers, notes
b) take notes, ask questions at appropriate times, and repeat a summary of the instructions
c) read a book about the topic later on
d) ask questions, but wait until the person has stopped talking

With email, nonverbal communication is lost and your message must be carefully composed to avoid being _____.
a) rejected as spam email
b) forwarded to others
c) misinterpreted by the recipients
d) legally binding

When communicating on the job, you should _____.
a) assume that everyone is familiar with industry jargon
b) finish quickly to avoid lost time on the project
c) interrupt your co-workers, if necessary
d) maintain eye contact and encourage listeners to take notes, if necessary

Special features in books that help you locate information include _____.
a) dictionaries and encyclopedias
b) illustrations
c) tables of content, indexes, and glossaries
d) footnotes

An important attribute of an effective speaker is the ability to _____.
a) conduct multiple conversations with workers
b) correct workers who ask the wrong questions
c) inject humor on the job site
d) explain and simplify complex topics

What is an important practice in writing to avoid errors that can cost time and money?
a) Accuracy
b) Writing long explanatory sentences
c) Use of industry jargon
d) Mastering composition

To make sure your points are understood in an email, you can _____.
a) write in a concise format using bulleted or numbered items
b) use all capital letters to emphasize important items
c) copy supporting documents into the email
d) copy other recipients so that they can explain any unclear items

If you do not understand what a speaker is saying, _____.
a) ask someone else what they think the speaker means
b) try to figure it out on your own
c) ask the speaker questions for clarification
d) ignore that part of the conversation

When reading instructions or a series of steps, you should _____.
a) only read the steps you don't know
b) skim the directions quickly
c) perform the steps even if you don,t understand them
d) read the directions completely

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