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What was one result of the Commercial Revolution in Europe?
a) decrease in the size of the middle class
b) expansion of the manor system
c) development of financial institutions
d) wider use of the barter system

Which factor contributed to Mali becoming a wealthy kingdom?
a) enforcement of mercantilist policies
b) alliances with the Hanseatic League
c) control of Mediterranean trade routes
d) dominance of the gold and salt trade

In the late 1400s and early 1500s, what was a major reason for the European voyages of exploration?
a) introduction of Enlightenment ideas
b) desire to control Constantinople
c) rapid industrialization
d) need for alternate trade routes

During the Industrial Revolution, which development resulted from the other three?
a) Factory conditions affected people’s health.
b) Labor unions were formed.
c) Unskilled laborers received low wages.
d) Machinery replaced workers.

Which phrase best illustrates the theory of laissez-faire capitalism?
a) businesses operating with little government regulation
b) the state establishing production quotas
c) central planning committees setting prices on goods
d) decisions related to distribution being based on community traditions

In the early 1930s, millions of Ukrainians died as a result of
a) the intifada
b) a forced famine
c) glasnost
d) trench warfare

Which social scientist is most concerned with analyzing the relationship between the supply of and the demand for goods and services?
a) an anthropologist
b) an economist
c) a sociologist
d) a political scientist

Europeans considered mercantilism a successful policy because it
a) encouraged self-sufficiency in less developed nations
b) led to alliances with Asian countries
c) protected traditional social practices
d) created wealth for the colonial powers

A key idea in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is that workers should support the
a) overthrow of the capitalist system
b) establishment of labor unions
c) legislative regulation of wages and working conditions
d) technological changes in production methods

Which change is associated with Meiji Japan?
a) expansion of feudal political and social values
b) modernization of the economy and government
c) adoption of isolationist policies
d) abandoning plans for an overseas empire

The British reliance on India as a market for its manufactured goods caused Mohandas Gandhi to
a) run for a seat in the British Parliament
b) lead the Sepoy Rebellion
c) support traditional caste divisions
d) refuse to buy British textiles

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was formed with the intent of
a) stabilizing the supply of oil to Japan
b) cutting off the supply of oil to the United States and its allies
c) increasing the supply of oil available for use within Middle Eastern countries
d) controlling the supply of oil to raise prices

Which empires gained wealth by controlling the trade of gold, ivory, and salt across the Sahara Desert?
a) Maya and Aztec
b) Greek and Roman
c) Mali and Songhai
d) Mauryan and Mughal

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