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A group of presidential electors chosen by the states?
a) delegates
b) federals
c) seniors
d) electors

This was used on the frontier as money.
a) whiskey
b) wampum
c) cash
d) rocks

Foreigners living in the United States are called?
a) nationalists
b) aliens
c) enemies
d) refugees

During the XYZ Affair, French agents demanded what for peace?
a) tribute and more land
b) new rights and privileges
c) an assassination of a common enemy
d) a bribe and a loan

The Federalists favored a/an ____________________ construction of the Constitution.
a) fair
b) inaccurate
c) loose
d) strict

Who won the presidential election of 1796?
a) John Adams
b) George Washington
c) Al Gore
d) Thomas Jefferson

When the United States began it had no
a) legislature
b) President
c) navy
d) hope

Alexander Hamilton was the United State's first
a) Secretary of War
b) Secretary of State
c) Secretary of Treasury
d) advisor to the President

What were the first two major political parties that developed in the United States?
a) Federalists and Whigs
b) Federalists and Independents
c) Independents and Democrats
d) Democratic-Republicans and Federalists

All of the following describe views the Democratic-Republicans supported EXCEPT
a) strong state governments
b) free trade
c) a strict interpretation of the Constitution
d) National Banks

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