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The activities of the Federal Reserve Board have the most direct influence on
a) bank interest rates
b) government spending
c) oil prices
d) troop-strength levels of the armed services

Which of the following is responsible for the preparation of executive spending proposals submitted to Congress?
a) Treasury Departments
b) Council of Economic Advisors
c) Department of Commerce
d) Office of Management and Budget

In United States v. Nixon the Supreme Court rule that
a) the judicial branch should not intervene in political disputes between the President and Congress
b) presidential power is not automatically extended during times of national emergency
c) Presidents must account to the Court for the way in which they implement
d) there is no constitutional guaranteed of unqualified executive privilege

All of the following are formal or informal sources of presidential power EXCEPT
a) presidential authority to raise revenue
b) presidential access to the media
c) precedents set during previous administrations
d) public support

An advantage that bureaucrats in federal government have over the President in the policymaking process is that bureaucrats
a) control the budget process
b) have an independence from the President that is guaranteed by the Constitution
c) usually have a continuity of service in the executive branch that the President
d) have better access to the media than does the President

In general, independent regulatory commissions are created primary for the purpose of
a) supporting and helping cabinet-level departments
b) proposing policy alternatives during period of crises
c) regulating certain industries to protect the public interest
d) increasing the President’s patronage powers

The usefulness to the President of having cabinet members as political advisors is undermined by the fact that
a) the President has little latitude in choosing cabinet members
b) cabinet member have no political support independent of the President
c) cabinet members are usually drawn from Congress and retain loyalties from
d) the loyalties of cabinet members are often divided between loyalty to the President and loyalty to their own executive depart

A President attempting to influence Congress to pass a legislative program might employ all of the following strategies EXCEPT
a) using the media to draw attention to the legislative program
b) assigning legislative liaisons in the Executive Office of the President to lobby legislators
c) denying campaign reelection funds to legislators who oppose the President’s policy stand
d) exploiting a partisan majority for the President’s party in both the House and Senate

All of the following powers are granted to the President by the Constitution EXCEPT
a) commissioning officers in the armed forces
b) addressing the Congress on the state of the union
c) granting pardons for federal offenses
d) forming new cabinet-level departments

Which of the following is articulated in the War Powers Resolution?
a) the President may declare war
b) the President must finance any war efforts from a special contingency
c) the President must bring troops home from hostilities within 60 to 90 days unless Congress extends the time
d) the President may not send troops into hostilities without a declaration of war from Congress or a resolution from the Unite

Which of the following procedures results in the removal of the President from office?
a) The House and Senate vote for impeachment, and the Supreme Court reaches a guilty verdict
b) The House votes for impeachment, and the Senate conducts a trial and reaches a guilty verdict
c) The House and Senate both vote for a bill of impeachment
d) Only the House votes for a bill of impeachment

All of the following have contributed to an increase in presidential power in the post-1945 era EXCEPT
a) tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War period
b) an increase in public expectations for services from the federal government
c) increasing United States involvement in international affairs
d) legislation granting the President the power to impound funds appropriated by Congress

The request of recent Presidents for the line-item veto is a challenge to which of the following principles?
a) Separation of powers
b) Senatorial courtesy
c) Eminent domain
d) Executive privilege

A fundamental source of power for the federal bureaucracy lies in its
a) role in moving legislation out of subcommittees
b) role of mediating interstate conflicts
c) ability to convince Congress to fund most projects it supports
d) ability to set specific guidelines after receiving a general mandate from Congress

In which of the following scenarios would a presidential veto most likely be upheld?
a) the President has the support of the Supreme Court
b) the President is in a second term, removed from partisan politics
c) the proposed legislation enjoys widespread bipartisan support
d) two-thirds of the representatives and senators are members of the same party as the President

In recent presidential administrations, the principal staff for the President has been made up of members of the
a) White House Office
b) Cabinet
c) Congress
d) national committee of the President’s party

Which of the following is NOT a presidential role authorized by the Constitution?
a) to be commander in chief of the armed forces
b) to lead the political party of the President
c) to negotiate treaties with foreign nations
d) to be chief executive

The President can do which of the following with out seeking the consent of either the House or the Senate?
a) Ratify a treaty
b) Appoint ambassadors
c) Appoint district court judges
d) Deploy troops

Which of the following is true about the line-item veto?
a) It is specifically granted to the President by the Constitution
b) It is used by many state governors
c) It is basically the same as a pocket veto
d) Its use was upheld by the Supreme Court

In the process and structure of public policy making, “iron triangles” refer to the
a) Bargaining and negotiating process between the President and Congress about the direction of domestic policy
b) Dominance of corporate power in setting the national policy agenda for economic expansion
c) Interrelationship among federal, state, and local levels of government in the policy process
d) Networks of congressional committees, bureaucratic agencies, and interest groups that strongly influence the policy proce

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