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A primary election in which voters are required to identify a party preference before the election and are not allowed to split their ticket is called
a) an open primary
b) a blanket primary
c) a closed primary
d) a runoff primary

When selecting a vice-presidential candidate, a presidential nominee is usually concerned primarily with choosing a running mate who
a) has significant personal wealth
b) adds balance and appeal to the national ticket
c) comes from the same ideological wing of the party as the President
d) can effectively preside over the Senate

The primary function of political action committees (PAC’s) is to
a) serve as fund-raising organizations for challengers
b) consult with the President regarding domestic policy
c) encourage broader participation in politics among the electorate
d) raise campaign funds to support favored candidates

Which of the following is a significant trend in the presidential nominating process over the past three decades?
a) Replacement of national party conventions by national primaries for each party
b) Increasing importance of presidential primaries rather than state conventions
c) A sharply declining role for political action committees (PAC’s)
d) Decreasing cost of campaigns

Which of the following is the most important influence on the choice made by voters in presidential elections?
a) Partisan identification
b) Party platform adopted at the national convention
c) Vice-Presidential running mate
d) Endorsement by political incumbents

The boundaries of United States congressional districts are usually determined by
a) the Federal Election Commission (FEC)
b) the state legislatures
c) the House Rules Committee
d) a conference committee of the House and Senate

Critical elections in the United States typically have occurred
a) as a result of temporary shift in the popular coalition supporting one or both
b) whenever a third party has secured more than fifteen percent of the presidential
c) when voter turnout has declined significantly from the previous election
d) when groups of voters have changed their traditional patterns of party loyalties

The largest amount of political coverage in newspapers during presidential campaigns is devoted to
a) day-to-day campaign activities
b) the platforms of the major parties
c) candidates’ policy stands on domestic issues
d) candidates’ experience and qualifications

Which of the following is the most accurate statement about political parties in the United States?
a) Parties increasingly identify themselves with coherent ideologies to attract large blocs of voters
b) The percentage of voters identifying themselves as either Democrats or Republicans has been declining since the 1970’s
c) National party organizations are generally the strongest party organizations
d) It is increasingly difficult for third parties to gain more than two percent of the popular vote

Which of the following is a result of the electoral college system?
a) The winner of the presidency often lacks a majority of the popular vote
b) Candidates focus on one-party states in which they can win most of the electoral votes
c) The House of Representatives frequently chooses the President from the top three candidates
d) Candidates focus on the states with the largest populations

Which of the following is generally true of the gerrymandering of congressional districts?
a) It results in more Democrats being elected to the House
b) It results in more Republicans being elected to the House
c) It creates districts that favor one political party over another
d) It violates the principle of one-person, one-vote

An electoral system based on single-member districts is usually characterized by
a) strong, centralized political parties and a weak executive
b) higher rates of voter turnout than are common in other systems
c) domination of the legislature by two political parties
d) ideological rather than mass-based parties

Which of the following is a provision of federal election laws?
a) A small fee must be paid by persons voting in federal elections
b) On-site registration to vote must be permitted on the day of any federal election
c) Electoral districts must be apportioned to equalize the numbers of Democratic and Republican voters wherever a historic imba
d) In areas with significant populations of linguistic minorities, voting materials must be made available in the preferred lan

The concept of “critical elections” is most closely associated with
a) the electoral college process
b) elections during wartime
c) economic recession
d) party realignment

Which of the following would result from the direct election of presidential candidates?
a) A national primary would be established
b) Party nominating conventions would be abolished
c) Each vote would count equally in determining which candidate won the election
d) Third-Party candidates would have less chance of winning the election

All of the following contribute to the success of incumbent members of Congress in election campaigns EXCEPT
a) Incumbents usually raise more campaign funds than do their challengers
b) Incumbents tend to understand national issues better than do their challengers
c) Incumbents can use legislative staff to perform campaign services
d) Incumbents are usually better known to voters than are their challengers

The primary election system of selecting presidential candidates has had which of the following effects?
a) It has increased importance of state party organizations
b) It has loosened the hold of party leaders over the nominations process
c) It has reduced the role of citizens in the candidate selection process
d) It has lowered the cost of running for office

All of following are commonly used by interest groups to influence the political process EXCEPT
a) contributing money to candidates
b) nominating candidates
c) filling lawsuits
d) appealing to public opinion

A corporate lobbyist would be LEAST likely to have an informal discussion about a pending policy matter with which of the following?
a) A member of the House in whose district the corporation has a plant
b) A member of the White House staff concerned about the issue
c) A federal judge in whose court a case important to the corporation is being heard
d) A journalist for a major newspaper concerned about the issue

Interest groups and political parties both promote United States democracy by
a) expressing detailed, ideologically distinct programs
b) centralizing public authority
c) linking citizens to the political process
d) lobbying members of Congress

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