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Google is:
a) a website
b) a browser
c) a networ interface card
d) a portal

Wich the following concepts are Real time communication:
a) chat
b) web-chat
c) mail
d) wiki page

portals are web pages that provides:
a) documents
b) recipes of food
c) forums
d) social nets

how could communications using chats be useful in a school?
a) for teachers talk to parents
b) for classmates to decide where to meet on friday evening
c) for teachers to tutor students outside class time
d) for classmates to communicate about a group of project

generic domain is
a) an Internet service
b) a code used to access an Inetrnet service
c) a computer program
d) a name or category

on the toolbar we can find options such as
a) edit, window, help
b) drag, configure, share
c) download, browse, process
d) edit, buy, send

each screen in a presentation is called
a) an inetrface
b) a home screen
c) a slide
d) a blog

what type of program would you use to create the following documents
a) a class timetable
b) a list of your music CDs
c) a diary
d) a simple drawing

A browser is a program used to
a) search for information on the Internet
b) create presentations
c) manage data
d) send an e-mail

a drop-down menu contains
a) a new creen with icons
b) a list of options you can clic on
c) a list of tasks you have to do
d) pictures related to the contens

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