Power To A Power Medium Question Preview (ID: 25391)

Power To A Power With Multiple Variabes. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

a) m^7 n^7 p^35
b) mn p^35
c) m^7 n^7 p^12
d) mn p^12

(x^10 y^20)^3
a) x^30 y^23
b) x^13 y^60
c) x^30 y^60
d) x^13 y^23

(r^5 s^3 t^8)^2
a) r^7 s^6 t^16
b) r^10 s^5 t^16
c) r^10 s^6 t^16
d) r^10 s^6 t^10

(x^12 y^10)^6
a) x^72 y^60
b) x^18 y^60
c) x^72 y^16
d) x^18 y^16

a) m^8 n^28 p^24
b) m^7 n^10 p^9
c) m n^24 p^18
d) m^6 n^24 p^18

(a^10 b^5)^5
a) a^50 b^25
b) a^15 b^25
c) a^50 b^10
d) a^15 b^10

(a^3 b ^5 c^3)3
a) a^9 b^8 c^9
b) a^6 b^15 c^6
c) a^9 b^15 c^9
d) a^9 b^25 c^18

(x^4 y^6)^4
a) x^8 y^10
b) x^16 y^24
c) x^12 y^24
d) x^16 y^28

(a^5 b^6 c^7)^5
a) a^10 b^11 c^12
b) a^35 b^30 c^25
c) a^30 b^25 c^35
d) a^25 b^30 c^35

(x^40 y^50)^2
a) x^80 y^100
b) x^42 y^100
c) x^80 y^53
d) x^42 y^52

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