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Which event started when Iraq invaded Kuwait before Kuwait got its freedom back while suffering heavy damage?
a) The First Gulf War
b) The Second Gulf War
c) Al Qaeda
d) 9/11

Ground Zero was where the twin towers fell in ______
a) New York
b) Boston
c) Shanksville, PA
d) Washington D.C.

Group responsible for 9/11
a) Al Qaeda
b) The Mau Mau
c) The Contras
d) The Sandinistas

The 4th hijacked plane intended for Washington D.C. crashed in _________.
a) Shanksville, PA
b) Boston
c) New York
d) Miami, FL

The Taliban supported Al Qaeda in which country
a) Syria
b) Jordan
c) Afghanistan
d) Kuwait

This conflict started because the U.S. thought Hussein was selling WMDs to terrorists. Fighting continued between both sides following Hussein's death.
a) The First Gulf War
b) The Second Gulf War
c) Al Qaeda
d) 9/11

Primary source for getting information in the 1950s
a) TV
b) Computers
c) Internet
d) Telegram

Originally big simple, but now can do multiple tasks and are much smaller
a) Radios
b) The Internet
c) Television
d) Computers

The _______ Revolution planned to increase food production worldwide.
a) Green
b) Grain
c) Farmers
d) None of the above

caused harmful effects to the environment (higher temps, more pollution)
a) ruralization
b) urbanization

this chemical compound caused pollution from exhaust/emissions
a) nitrates
b) nitrites
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Hydrogen Dioxide

The purpose of the Kyoto Protocol was to ....
a) create an urbanized economy in China
b) to promote ruralization in Korea
c) to reduce greenhouse gases worldwide
d) none of the above

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