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Jomo KENYATA led the independence movement in ______.
a) The Congo
b) Kenya
c) Liberia
d) Angola

Country where footbinding became illegal
a) China
b) India
c) Vietnam
d) Japan

first of the African colonies to gain independence
a) Ghana
b) Kenya
c) Liberia
d) The Congo

Mohandas Gandhi led the independence movement here
a) Japan
b) Vietnam
c) India
d) Korea

Asian Country where the Hindus Muslims gained their independence from Britain
a) India
b) Japan
c) Korea
d) Vietnam

Which country is not part of NAFTA
a) US
b) Canada
c) Cuba
d) Mexico

Group of 27 countries in Europe that shared a single monetary unit.
a) European Union
d) Warsaw Pact

Former Serbian President jailed for ethnic cleansing
a) Boris Yeltsin
b) Josef Stalin
c) Mikhail Gorbachev
d) Slobodan Milosevic

Which was the first of the 6 republics of Yugoslavia to gain their independence?
a) Croatia
b) Macedonia
c) Slovenia
d) Montenegro

Former communist country in Eastern Europe which separated into two separate countries in the 1990s due to not being able to get along
a) Czechoslovakia
b) Hungary
c) Germany
d) Yugoslavia

Shock Therapy is switching from a ________ to a _________ economy
a) capitalist, socialist
b) socialist , capitalist
c) communist , democratic
d) democratic , communist

First freely elected president of Russia in the early 1990s
a) Boris Yeltsin
b) Slobodan Milosevic
c) Mikhail Gorbachev
d) Josef Stalin

Country where legal segregation (Apartheid) was legal until FW De Klerk outlawed it as President
a) South Africa
b) Ghana
c) Kenya
d) Angola

Leader of the African National Congress jailed for 30 years before becoming president of South Africa
a) Nelson Mandela
b) Stephen Biko
c) Jomo Kenyata
d) FW De Klerk

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