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The _______________ stage of a fern is a tiny plant that produces eggs and sperm.
a) sporophyte
b) gametophyte
c) angiosperm
d) gymnosperm

Pollen grains collect on the _____________ of a flower, which is often sticky or featehry.
a) Stigma
b) Anther
c) Stamen
d) Sepal

Ferns have an underground stem called a ______________
a) rhizoid
b) root
c) rhizome
d) pistil

The center of a flower contains one or more female reproductive structures called
a) stamens
b) pistils
c) anthers
d) sepals

___________ typically absorb water that is close to the soil surface.
a) Taproots
b) Fibrous Roots

Water enters a plant by passing through the _________ of a root and into the ___________
a) root hairs, phloem
b) cuticle, xylem
c) root cap, phloem
d) epidermis, xylem

Flowering plants, such as apple trees and daisies,
a) use osmosis for nutrient transport
b) are classified as angiosperms
c) have independent gametophyte forms
d) need water for delivery of sperm to eggs

Dicots always have two
a) cuticles
b) anthers
c) cotyledons
d) petals

Cycads, conifers, gnetophytes, and ginkgoes are
a) flowering plants
b) angiosperms
c) seedless plants
d) gymnosperms

a) absorb water and minerals
b) demonstrate phototropism
c) have stomata
d) All of the above

Plants that have specialized tissues for carrying minerals, water, or food are classified as ________ plants
a) seed-bearing
b) vascular
c) nonvascular
d) photosynthetic

Which of the following is NOT a true statement about leaves?
a) Leaves are part of a plant's root system.
b) Guard cells open and close pores in the leaf's epidermis
c) Their veins contain phloem that transports sugar
d) Photosynthesis occurs in cells in the palisade layer

What is the function of the sepal?
a) Produces ovules
b) Produces pollen
c) Collect pollen
d) Protects flower buds

The _____________ is a waxy layer that coats the surface of stems and leaves.
a) stomata
b) epidermis
c) cuticle
d) palisade

Woody stems
a) sepal
b) gametophyte
c) cotyledon
d) rhizoid

In a flower, the _________ are the male reproductive structures.
a) stamens
b) pistils
c) stigma
d) sepals

A __________ is a seed leaf found inside a seed.
a) are soft, green, and flexible
b) include the stems of daisies
c) contain wood and bark
d) all of the above

In a flower, petals function to
a) produce ovules
b) attract pollinators
c) protect the flower bud
d) produce pollen

Monocots have
a) flower parts in fours or fives
b) two cotyledons in the seed
c) parallel veins in leaves
d) all of the above

A threadlike extension of cells that anchors a moss to its substate is a
a) rhizome
b) root
c) rhizoid
d) fiddle head

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