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What is the difference between a rock and a mineral?
a) Rocks are made of minerals.
b) Minerals are made of rocks.
c) There is no difference between rocks and minerals.
d) None is correct.

If I say that a mineral is very hard, what do I mean?
a) It is difficult to scratch it.
b) It is difficult to break it.
c) It is difficult to melt it.
d) All choices are correct.

What types of rocks are there?
a) igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.
b) volcanic, sedimentary and homogeneous.
c) homogeneous, heterogeneus and igneous.
d) acid, homogeneous and metamorphic.

What is the hardest mineral?
a) Diamond.
b) Talc.
c) Malachite.
d) Gypsum.

What kind of rock is granite?
a) Igneous.
b) Metamorphic.
c) Sedimentary.
d) All choices are correct.

What does lustre mean?
a) It is the way a mineral reflects light.
b) It is the colour of the mineral.
c) It means the mineral is very bright.
d) None is correct.

What is slate used for, and why?
a) To make roofs, because it has flat sheets.
b) To cut glass, because it is very hard.
c) For jewellery, because it is very beautiful.
d) All the choices are correct.

How can we tell the difference between a homogeneous and a heterogeneous rock?
a) The heterogeneous rock is formed by different fragments, unlike the homogeneous rock.
b) The heterogeneous rock is dark-coloured.
c) The homogeneous rock is usually much harder than the heterogeneous.
d) The heterogeneous rock is never sedimentary.

What is the colour streak?
a) It is the colour of the mark that a mineral leaves on a porcelain plate when we draw a line on it.
b) It is the colour of the mineral.
c) It is the colour of the mineral after we heat it.
d) None is correct.

What rock does it react with acid?
a) Limestone.
b) Sandstone.
c) Granite.
d) Gneiss.

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