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Who had the longest tenure as President of USA
a) J.F. Kennedy
b) George Washigton
c) Franklin D. Roodevelt
d) James Carter

Which of the following cities is in Nevada
a) Los Angeles
b) Reno
c) Fargo
d) Yellow

Which city was known as New Amsterdam
a) Baltimore
b) Seattle
c) New Orleans
d) New York

How many stars are in the flag of USA
a) 49
b) 40
c) 50
d) 55

Albany is the capital of which state
a) Maryland
b) California
c) Nueva York
d) Delaware

How much is a dime ?
a) 10 cents
b) 5 cents
c) 25 cents
d) 50 cents

Which is the 49 th State of USA
a) Alaska
b) Georgia
c) Texas
d) Oklahoma

When was Pearl Harbour attacked by the Japanese Air Force
a) May 7,1945
b) december 7, 1941
c) June 22, 1942
d) September 3, 1939

Abraham Lincoln was shot on 14 April 1865
a) Easter
b) Pentecost
c) Palm Sunday
d) Good Friday

Which is the tallest building in USA
a) Empire State
b) Sears Tower
c) White House
d) St Patrick,s Catehedral

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