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Why did the Union impose a naval blockade on the South during the Civil War?
a) to strangle the shipment of supplies to the Confederacy
b) to promote domestic industries in the South
c) to motivate enslaved African Americans to migrate to the North
d) to encourage Union sympathizers to persuade their states to rejoin the Union

What reason did Senators give for opposing U.S. membership in the League of Nations?
a) a. It would lead to international instability
b) It would drain American finances
c) It would interfere with free-trade agreements
d) It would drag the United States into European conflicts

After the stock market crash, how did President Hoover try to help the economy?
a) by closing banks
b) by lowering foreign tariffs
c) by funding handouts of food and clothing
d) by asking businesses not to lay off employees

Which of the following was the main objective of the Agricultural Adjustment Act?
a) to increase farm production
b) to raise prices of farm products
c) to provide pensions for retired farmers
d) to encourage more people to enter farming

Which statement best characterizes Roosevelt's position on trusts?
a) Some trusts were harmful to the public interest
b) All trusts should be busted
c) Trusts were of benefit to the public interest
d) Trusts were legal and could not be abolished

What was the goal of the Interstate Commerce Act?
a) to build new railroads
b) to destroy the railroad industry
c) to lower excessive railroad rates
d) to increase the power of railroads

Jim Crow laws were laws that were meant to do which of the following?
a) denied citizenship to Asian immigrants
b) separate the races
c) tax all voters
d) promoted discrimination against women

What did African American writers, artists, and musicians hope to achieve during the Harlem Renaissance?
a) to display their ability as conscientious workers
b) to show the pursuit of material success can be tragic
c) to celebrate African Americans culture and heritage
d) to reveal that conditions for African Americans in the South were almost as bad as in the North

The Pendleton Civil Service Act required which of the following?
a) applicants for government jobs to pass examinations
b) native-born Americans to treat immigrants with courtesy
c) government workers to renounce all party loyalties
d) cities to provide services such as clean water to their residents

Which of the following best describes what a scalawag is?
a) a Northern abolitionist who supported the Freedmen's Bureau
b) a Northerner who came to the South after the Civil War
c) a white Southerner who supported Republican Reconstruction
d) a freedman entitled to vote

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