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What unit do you use to measure mass during a lab?
a) milliliters
b) pounds
c) cubic centimeters
d) grams

How many millimeters are in a centimeter?
a) 10
b) 1
c) 20
d) 30

What tool do we use to measure volume of a liquid?
a) graduated cylinder
b) hot plate
c) triple beam balance
d) metric ruler

What is a meter slightly larger than?
a) foot
b) mile
c) yard
d) inch

Which of the following is not a metric unit?
a) liter
b) ounce
c) kilometer
d) gram

75 cm is than 7 meters
a) <
c) =
d) >

To convert 25.64kg to decigrams I move the decimal?
a) 3 left
b) 4 left
c) 3 right
d) 4 right

The mass of an object is 150 g and the volume is 50 ml, What is the density?
a) .3 g/ml
b) 5
c) .5 g/ml
d) 3 g/ml

If an object has a density of 1.3 it will do this in water.
a) float
d) sink

The triple beam balance measures?
a) volume
b) temperature
c) length
d) mass

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