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Which of the following works is Plato most known for?
a) The Apology
b) The Republic
c) The Plato
d) Snakes on a Plane

Plato's theory of forms was his answer to which of the following?
a) sophistic skepticism
b) the question of the meaning of life
c) Socratic egoism
d) dualism

Which of the following does Plato think changes?
a) time
b) reality
c) appearance
d) knowledge

Plato used the concept of a divided line to illustrate which of the following?
a) the failure of the Sophists to distinguish between social truth and metaphysical truth
b) the levels of being
c) the difference between Parmenidean ones and Platonic forms
d) the relationship of knowledge to opinion, reality to experience, and metaphysics to epistemology

In Platonic terms, a thing's _____________ is what makes it what it is
a) appearance
b) structure
c) nature
d) form

Plato's ____________ illustrates the path from ignorance to enlightenment.
a) Parable of the Good
b) Republic
c) Allegory of the Cave
d) Simile of the Sun

Plato divided the human soul into which three parts?
a) ego, id, and superego
b) reason, spirit, and appetite
c) parent, adult, and child
d) reason, emotion, and spirit

The Republic concerns the search for which of the following?
a) justice
b) happiness
c) salvation
d) wisdom

Plato's cardinal virtues are which of the following?
a) faith, hope, and charity
b) wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice
c) justice, happiness, honesty, and love
d) rationalism, intellectualism, and relativism

From lowest to highest, Plato's levels of awareness are
a) illusion, informed opinion, deductive reasoning, and direct apprehension of the Good
b) worker, warrior, and philosopher
c) opinion, informed opinion, expert opinion, and knowledge
d) illusion, informed opinion, deductive reasoning, and philosophical reasoning

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