Lao-tzu, Confucius, And Buddha Question Preview (ID: 25365)

Lao-tzu, Confucius, And Buddha. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the name given to any philosophy that emphasizes human welfare and dignity and belief that human intelligence is capable of improving life?
a) Taoism
b) Humanism
c) Buddhism
d) Confucianism

In ancient Chinese cosmology, which of the following is passive, weak, negative, dark, and destructive?
a) the Tao
b) Yin
c) Yang
d) Li

Chung-yung means which of the following?
a) centrality and universality
b) harmony and virtue
c) science and rationalism
d) knowledge and power

According to Confucius we become gracious and well-mannered by following which?
a) jen
b) chun-yung
c) te
d) li

Which of the following is the first Noble Truth?
a) life is a gift to be cherished
b) life is good if we are good, bad if we are bad
c) no one can deny that suffering is the condition of all existence
d) the ego-soul is god

Which of the following is the second Noble Truth?
a) suffering comes to people because they are self-centered
b) suffering comes to people for no reason
c) pride cannot be conquered
d) the choice of livelihood determines one's destiny

Which of the following is not part of the Eightfold Path?
a) Right effort
b) Right purpose
c) Right worship
d) Right meditation

Which of the following is the first step on the Buddha's path to enlightenment?
a) speak only truth
b) get into action
c) live right
d) recognize whats wrong

The Buddha rejected both self-indulgence and asceticism, preferring which of the following instead?
a) the Middle Path
b) the Third Way
c) the Inner Path
d) harmonic convergence

Which is NOT one of the 5 relationships according to Confucius?
a) Rich to Poor
b) Ruler to Subject
c) Father to Son
d) Friend to Friend

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