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was a childhood prodigy
a) Joseph hayden
b) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
c) Ludwig van beethoven

has been compared to Shakespeare and Michelangelo for his musical genius
a) Joseph hayden
b) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
c) Ludwig van beethoven

What is a compositional form featuring a tuneful main theme (A) which returns several times in alteration with other themes: ABACA or ABABCABA
a) scherzo
b) sonata
c) rondo
d) theme and variation

What is a compositional form sometimes used in place of the minuet and trio. it moves quickly , generating energy, rhythmic drive, and rough humor
a) scherzo
b) sonata
c) rondo
d) symphony

What are short musical ideas developed within a composition?
a) fragments
b) motives
c) sections
d) pieces

What is a compositional form derived from dance in three parts?
a) minuet and trio
b) theme and variation
c) sonata allegro
d) sonata concerto

What is a term referring to the form of a single movement; consisting of an exposition, development, and recapitulation?
a) Sonata form
b) coda form
c) symphony form
d) serenade form

Whose sons were musical pioneers during the pre-classical period?
a) Antonio Vivaldi
b) Joseph hayden
c) J.S. Bach
d) G.F. handel

What was the term used for belief that a reason,not custom or tradition,was the best guide to human conduct?
a) Age of reason
b) Age of progress
c) Age of enlightment
d) Age of tradition

worked for the Esterhazy family for almost 30 years
a) Joseph hayden
b) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
c) Ludwig van beethoven

Which romantic composer was most deeply rooted in classical traditions?
a) berlioz
b) lizst
c) brahms
d) wagner

What is Harmony that uses chords containing tones not found in the major or minor scale?
a) chromatic harmony
b) unusual harmony
c) tonal harmony
d) church mode harmony

What is a composition for solo voice and piano where the accompaniment is an interpretive partner to the voice?
a) art song
b) lieder
c) postlude
d) solo composition

What is a group of art songs unified by a story line that runs through their poems or by musical ideas linking songs?
a) program music
b) song cycle
c) song group
d) program

What is a piece in triple meter, originated as a safely processional dance for the polish nobility?
a) etude
b) scherzo
c) plonaise
d) nocturne

What is instrumental music having no intended association with a story, poem idea or scene?
a) absolute music
b) program music
c) definite music
d) complete music

Which was the most important of national school of music
a) russian
b) slovakian
c) finlandian
d) italian

Who was the father of the Russian music
a) Alexander Borodin
b) modest mussorgsky
c) cesar cui
d) mikahil glinka

What is a short musical idea associated with a person object or thought in a drama
a) leading melody
b) idee fixe
c) subject
d) leitmotif

What was music intended to be performed before and during a play setting mood for the drama?
a) program symphony
b) concert overture
c) symphonic poem
d) incidental music

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