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Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, and _____.
a) Mesothelioma
b) Black Lung
c) Pneumonia
d) Emphysema

Anything that could have caused an injury or damage, but did not because it was caught in time, is referred to as an _____.
a) intentional act
b) accident
c) injury
d) incident

Your personal fall arrest system should be inspected monthly by a(n) _____.
a) OSHA safety inspector
b) competent person
c) project manager
d) state safety inspector

Poor housekeeping, excessive noise, and inadequate guards for moving parts are examples of _____.
a) unsafe acts
b) acceptable risks
c) unavoidable hazards
d) unsafe conditions

To prevent cave-ins when excavating, treat all soil as if it is _____ , unless proven otherwise.
a) Solid rock
b) Type A
c) Type B
d) Type C

When welding, what color is the oxygen hose?
a) Gray
b) Yellow
c) Red
d) Green

Safety ______.
a) is alearned behavior and attitude
b) does not normally need to be trained
c) primarily depends on workers in the field
d) comes naturally to most individuals

The primary purpose of a machine guard on a tool is to _____.
a) reduce insurance rates
b) prevent theft
c) protect the tool from damage
d) protect the worker from rotating parts

The major goal of good housekeeping at a work site is to _____.
a) decrease energy use
b) halt the spread of disease
c) attract new business
d) prevent accidents

When performing overhead work on scaffolding, what protective measures must be taken to prevent falling objects from striking a person below?
a) Fall arrest system
b) Toeboards, debris nets, or canopies
c) Alarm systems
d) Warning Tags on the scaffold

If you are backing a vehicle and your rear vision is blocked, you should _____.
a) move slowly and sound your horn repeatedly
b) use a signaler to direct you
c) remove your seat belt, turn around, and back up slowly
d) get out of the vehicle, check the space behind you, and then carefully back up

Companies with strong safety cultures usually have lower _____.
a) morale
b) productivity
c) turnover
d) wages

Which of the following is life threatening?
a) Heavy sweating
b) Heat cramps
c) Frostbite
d) Heat stroke

A system that protects workers from hazardous energy while they work with machines and equipment is referred to as _____.
a) a disconnect
b) a barricade system
c) an energy-neutral system
d) lockout/tagout

One of the most common grounding systems used for protection against accidental electrical shock is the _____ system.
a) four-wire
b) two-wire
c) three-wire
d) five-wire

A worker who has been discriminated against for asserting his or her OSHA rights has the right to file a complaint within a _____ period.
a) 60-Day
b) 5-day
c) 30-day
d) 15-day

The first-aid procedure to treat a co-worker who has been splattered with muriatic acid is found in the _____.
a) health insurance benefits manual
b) OSHA standards
d) employee

The first-aid procedure to treat a co-worker who has been splattered with muriatic acid is found in the _____.
a) The Workers Safety Act of 1984
b) The Code of Construction Safety
c) The general duty clause
d) The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act

An example of an unsafe condition on a job site is _____.
a) inadequate lighting in a stairway
b) lifting improperly
c) using illegal drugs
d) failure to wear proper PPE

Employers are required to report fatalities and catastrophes to OSHA within _____ hours.
a) 12
b) 8
c) 24
d) 4

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