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On the scalp and off the scalp lighteners have a pH level around:
a) 3
b) 9
c) 7
d) 5

Which of the following perm patterns staggers the rods?
a) rectangle
b) spiral
c) bricklay
d) halo

Rest and relaxation can prevent:
a) exercise
b) fatique
c) swimmer's ear
d) carpal tunnel syndrome

A volt is a unit of electric
a) pressure
b) wattage
c) space
d) frequency

Brushing the hair before a chemical service should:
a) be done 10 times before any chemical
b) be avoided before any chemical
c) be done after applying a chemical
d) be done with a metal brush

A widow's peak is a growth pattern that forms a point at the front hairline and curves to one side.
a) true
b) false

The two types of finger and shear positions that are used while cutting are:
a) natural perpendicular
b) parallel and nonparallel
c) yellow and violet
d) left and right

Another term used for moisturizing is:
a) hydrating
b) oiling
c) smoothing
d) sugaring

The tone of your voice, inflection, and rate of your speech are all factors in your:
a) grammar
b) spell check
c) verbal communicaion
d) yoga positioning

Shortening a wig is done by creating:
a) a horizontal tuck
b) a horizontal dart
c) a half moon triangle
d) rectangle perm wrap

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