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Kinetic Energy is the Energy of ___________
a) Electricity
b) Motion
c) Chemical Reactions
d) Stored

Potential Energy is ______________ Energy
a) Moving
b) Electrical
c) Stored
d) Chemical

Nuclear Energy comes from
a) Chemical Bonds
b) Atoms
c) Electrons
d) Molecules

Anything that burns has _______________ Energy
a) Kinetic Energy
b) Chemical Energy
c) Light Energy
d) Electrical Energy

Using muscles to turn on a light uses energy in what order
a) Chemical / Kinetic / Electrical / Light
b) Kinetic / Chemical / Electrical / Light
c) Chemical / Kinetic / Light / Electrical
d) Kinetic / Chemical / Light / Electrical

Energy from the Sun to Earth to grow a plant uses energy in what order
a) Light Energy / Nuclear Energy / Chemical Energy
b) Light Energy / Nuclear Energy / Chemical Energy
c) Nuclear Energy / Light Energy / Thermal Energy
d) Nuclear Energy / Light Energy / Chemical Energy

Dominos hitting a switch that runs a lazer to cut a rope uses energy in what order
a) Kinetic / Nuclear / Light / Thermal
b) Kinetic / Electrical / Light / Thermal
c) Kinetic / Electrical / Light / Chemical
d) Kinetic / Chemical / Light / Thermal

An Example of Light Energy could be...
a) Falling Snowflakes
b) An X-Ray Machine
c) An Electric Heater
d) Trick Question

Which is not a type of Energy
a) Potential
b) Electrical
c) Light
d) Psychic

Which has the most Thermal Energy
a) A broken Toaster
b) A Thermometer
c) An incondencent Light bulb
d) A flurescent Light bulb

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