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Which is 2 different ways the government tried to change the Native Americans.
a) They moved them from their land and tried to show the. American culture
b) They made them stop hunting and gathering.

Americans believed that moving west would help them achieve the .
a) Manifest Destiny
b) American System
c) Gadsden Purchase
d) A american Dream

While westward expansion created opportunities for some people, it had negative impacts on others such as
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Supreme Court
c) Lewis and Clark
d) Native Americans

The and American System created new technologies and internal improvements that encourage people to migrate and settle in the west.
a) Cultural diffusion
b) Industrial revolution
c) Manifest destiny
d) American dream

New inventions from the Industrial Revolution made farming much easier. which of the following was not one of those inventions.
a) Steel plow
b) Cotton gin
c) Steam boat
d) Mechanical reaper

The Was the first national highway which made travel much easier. It connected Maryland to Illinois
a) The Cumberland Highway
b) Hand Cart
c) Erie Canal
d) First Transcontinental

Along with new territory in the west and new inventions, internal improvements were needed to help with western expansion. Which of the following is NOT an internal improvement that helped travel by land?
a) Canals
b) Railroads
c) Trails
d) Roads

Which of the following does NOT describe Henry Clay
a) Served in Congress for many years and even ran for president
b) Was a powerful political figure during the mid 1800's
c) Came up with the Manifest Destiny
d) Proposed the American System

The Gadsden Purchase is named for John Gadsden. He was a US. Who helped negotiate the treaty.
a) Ambassador
b) Explorer
c) President
d) Supreme Court Judge

How did Gadsden Purchase benefit from the United States?
a) It said colonist could not settle past the Appalachian Mountains.
b) It called for the government to help with internal improvements
c) It granted citizenship to Native Americans
d) It allowed the US to purchase more territory from Mexico

Who created a map so that Americans would be able to migrate and settle in the territory gained in the Louisiana Purchase
a) Supreme Court
b) Andrew Jackson
c) John Sullivan
d) Lewis and Clark

The idea that Americans have the right and duty to expand west is best described as what?
a) American System
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Industrial Revolution
d) American Dream

The Mexican War was fought over the issue of
a) Indian Rights
b) Religion
c) Control of Texas
d) Money

What did the American expansionists' slogan Fifty-four forty or fight '' refer to?
a) The idea that colonist had the right to Native American land
b) Latitude lines of the northern border of the Oregon Territory
c) The idea that America had the right to expand west
d) The belief that every American can work hard to get what they want

What did the cotton gin do?
a) Made cotton
b) Picked the seeds from cotton
c) Spun cotton
d) Grew rice

As a result of the Mexican War, the United States gained all the following future states except
a) Wyoming
b) Arizona
c) Nevada
d) Utah

What gave the United S Tate's the power to remove the Cherokee Indians from their land?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) The Supreme Court
c) The Indian Removal Act of 1830
d) The Constitution

After the Supreme Court rule the I Dian Removal Act was Constitutional, how did the US gain control of Indian land?
a) They moved them to reservations by force.
b) They let them stay on the land, but pay high taxes.

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