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What is the speed of a human that runs 20km in 4s?
a) 5km/s
b) 24km/s
c) 80km/s
d) 0.2km/s

A car travels 234m in 2hr east. What is its velocity?
a) 117m/hr east
b) 468m/hr east
c) 236m/hr east
d) 0.0085m/hr east

What is the speed of a bus that travels 90km in 2hours?
a) 45km/hr
b) 92km/hr
c) 0.022km/hr
d) 180km/hr

What distance will a car traveling 50km/hr travel in 5hours?
a) 125km
b) 250km
c) 10km
d) 55km

How long will it take to go 160km traveling 40km/hr?
a) 8hr
b) 4hr
c) 0.5hr
d) 3200hr

If I am going down a river (with the water current) in a boat that goes 20km/hr and the river has a 10km/hr speed how long will it take me to go 50km?
a) 3.33hr
b) 1.66hr
c) 0.6hr
d) 20hr

Which of the following opptions is NOT a color?
a) Green
b) Blueberry
c) Orange
d) Yellow

What is the acceleration of a cheetah that goes from 40mi/hr to a stop in 6s?
a) -6.67mi/hr/s
b) 6.67mi/hr/s
c) -0.15mi/hr/s
d) 0.15mi/hr/s

How is constant velocity shown on a distance vs time graph?
a) with a straight line
b) with a vector
c) with a gradually curving line
d) with a semi circle

What is the correct way to spell physics?
a) physics
b) phisycs
c) fysics
d) phfysics

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