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This feature flows along GA’s eastern border
a) savannah river
b) altamaha river
c) chattahoochee river
d) fall line

Gold was found in this area in the early 1800s.
a) appalachian mountains
b) coastal plain
c) fall line
d) barrier islands

Forts were built here to defend GA’s early settlers.
a) barrier islands
b) fall line
c) appalachian mountains
d) okefenokee swamp

This area is a wildlife refuge for over 1000 species.
a) okefenokee swamp
b) barrier islands
c) appalachian mountains
d) fall line

This geographical boundary separates the Coastal E. Appalachian Mtns. Plain from the Piedmont.
a) fall line
b) barrier islands
c) okefenokee swamp
d) appalachian mountains

This major river provides drinking water and forms part of the state’s western border with Alabama.
a) chattahoochee river
b) savannah river
c) fall line
d) barrier islands

In which of Georgia’s regions would tourists least likely go hiking?
a) coastal plain
b) blue ridge
c) ridge and valley
d) appalachian plateau

Which region attracts people who love to go to the beach?
a) coastal plain
b) barrier island
c) fall line
d) blue ridge

Georgia, along with the other states of the deep south, has a very warm climate and is, therefore, said to make up part of what?
a) the sun belt
b) the peanut belt
c) the swamp belt
d) the moon belt

Why does Georgia have a longer growing season than many northern states?
a) georgia has mild temperatures
b) georgia has cold winters
c) georgia has a fall line
d) georgia has a coastal plain

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