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Which group of religious dissenters believed everyone had an inner light?
a) Puritans
b) Quakers
c) Amish
d) Baptists

What word could be used to describe New England religion?
a) homogenous
b) diverse
c) non-existent
d) special

Where was the first English settlement in the New World?
a) Port Royal
b) Charles Town
c) Plymouth
d) Jamestown

What system was used to encourage migration to the New World?
a) headright
b) slave
c) plantation
d) mercantilism

What nickname did the colony of Pennsylvania acquire due to its economic prosperity?
a) Fountain of Wealth
b) Pot of Gold
c) Breadbasket
d) Money Pit

Who was the founder of Pennsylvania?
a) Duke of York
b) William Penn
c) Charles Penn
d) William Sayle

What made South Carolina a distinctly southern colony?
a) Its plantations, slaves and cash crop(s).
b) Its location.
c) Its form of government.
d) Its settlers.

Which region settled by the English was the most diverse?
a) New England Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) Western Colonies

Which of the following was not a characteristic of the Puritan settlement at Massachusetts Bay?
a) They brought their charter with them to the New World.
b) They harvested lumber, built ships and engaged in trade.
c) All church members could vote.
d) They established a democratic form of government.

Where did English Quakers settle?
a) Maryland
b) New York
c) Pennsylvania
d) Massachusetts

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