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How many countries are there in the United Kingdom?
a) Four
b) Three
c) Two
d) None of the choices

Which is the capital city of England?
a) London
b) New York
c) Cambridge
d) Manchester

Which are the colours of the Scottish flag?
a) Blue and white
b) Blue and red
c) Blue and black
d) None of the choices

Which is the symbol of Wales?
a) Daffodil
b) Thistle
c) Rose
d) Shamrock

Which mythological animal appears in the Welsh flag?
a) A dragon
b) A unicorn
c) A mermaid
d) A pegasus

Which of the following countries doesn't belong to the UK?
a) Republic of Ireland
b) Northern Ireland
c) Scotland
d) Wales

Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
a) St Andrew
b) St George
c) St Patrick
d) St John

Which is the symbol of England?
a) A red rose
b) A thistle
c) A shamrock
d) A daffodil

Which is the capital city of Scotland?
a) Edimburgh
b) Glasgow
c) Aberdeen
d) none of the choices

What's the name of the United Kingdom's flag?
a) Union Jack
b) Uncle Sam
c) Union Sam
d) Uncle Jack

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