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What women assisted Elizabeth Cady Stanton with the Seneca Fall Convention?
a) Lucy Stone
b) Lucretia Mott
c) Susan B. Anthony
d) Frederick Douglass

Who invented the telegraph?
a) Samuel Slater
b) Francis Cabot Lowell
c) Samuel Morse
d) Eli Whitney

Who invented the steel plow?
a) Cyrus McCormick
b) Samuel Morse
c) Samuel Slater
d) John Deere

Who was the President of the United States during the Mexican-American War?
a) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
b) James Madison
c) James K. Polk
d) Martin Van Buren

Who was considered a leading conductor of the Underground Railroad?
a) Sojourner Truth
b) Frederick Douglass
c) Brigham Young
d) Harriet Tubman

Who published the anti-slavery newspaper the North Star?
a) Frederick Douglass
b) William Lloyd Garrison
c) Harriet Tubman
d) Sojourner Truth

What women fought for women to earn equal pay to men?
a) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
b) Angelica Grimke
c) Susan B. Anthony
d) Dorothea Dix

What abolitionist published the newspaper the Liberator?
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Horace Mann
c) William Lloyd Garrison
d) Ralph Waldo Emerson

What President acquired the Mexican Cession and the Oregon Territory?
a) John Tyler
b) James Buchanan
c) James K. Polk
d) Lyman Beecher

Which of the following was an escaped slave who went on speaking tours across the U.S speaking about abolition?
a) Frederick Douglass
b) Charles Grandison Finney
c) Osceola
d) Henry David Thoreau

Who led the common school movement?
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Thomas Gallaudet
c) Eli Whitney
d) Horace Mann

Who fought for the rights of prisoners and for better conditions in prisons?
a) Ralph Waldo Emerson
b) Black Hawk
c) Dorothea Dix
d) Robert Fulton

What escaped slave was originally named Isabella Baumfree?
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Sojourner Truth
c) Lucretia Mott
d) Osceola

Who was a popular transcendentalist writer who stressed that Americans should follow their own beliefs?
a) Ralph Waldo Emerson
b) Brigham Young
c) Thomas Gallaudet
d) Cyrus McCormick

What writer wrote the anti-slavery book Uncle Tom's Cabin?
a) Henry David Thoreau
b) Ralph Waldo Emerson
c) Harriet Beecher Stowe
d) Lyman Beecher

What Native American leader led the Seminole tribe to successfully fight against America to keep their land in Florida?
a) Black Hawk
b) Osceola
c) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
d) Francis Cabot Lowell

Who was a famous preacher who led revivals during the Second Great Awakening?
a) Charles Grandison Finney
b) Robert Fulton
c) Samuel Slater
d) Sojourner Truth

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) Cyrus McCormick
b) Eli Whitney
c) Lyman Beecher
d) Francis Cabot Lowell

Who led members of the Mormon religion to Utah in order to find a safe place to practice their religion?
a) Lyman Beecher
b) Charles Grandison Finney
c) Henry David Thoreau
d) Brigham Young

Who invented the commercial steamboat?
a) Robert Fulton
b) Francis Cabot Lowell
c) Samuel Slater
d) Thomas Gallaudet

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