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this is an organism, virus, or particle that can make you sick
a) pathogen
b) antibody
c) nutrient
d) obesity

a protein made by B cells that binds to a specific antigen
a) antibody
b) pathogen
c) nutrient
d) obesity

this is a substance in food that provides energy or helps build body cells and tissues.
a) nutrient
b) antibody
c) obesity
d) antibody

the condition of having excess stored fat and weighing more than 20% above the recommended weight range
a) obesity
b) antibody
c) nutrient
d) pathogen

AIDS is caused by this
a) Human immunodeficiency virus
b) the Human papilloma virus
c) a bacterial infection
d) overeating

The most common STI is
a) Chlamydia
c) syphilis
d) HPV

what are the two types categories of exercise?
a) Aerobic and Anerobic
b) situps and pushups
c) Running and lifting
d) swimming and running

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of exercise
a) excess fat storage on the body
b) muscles get strong and more flexible
c) reduction of stress
d) heart and lungs work more efficiently

According to the raw food diet, which is most important when eating healthy?
a) The types of food you eat
b) the portion size of the foods you eat

According to the video we watch called FED UP, which is the most dangerous ingredient in our foods?
a) Simple Sugars
b) salts
c) protein
d) carbohydrates

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