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How can you make the magnetic field of an electromagnet stronger?
a) Use a horseshoe magnet
b) add more coils around the magnet
c) place a rubber core into the coil of wire
d) quickly turn the electromagnet of and off

Which device changes mechanical energy into electrical energy?
a) solar cell
b) electric motor
c) electromagnet
d) generator

What causes an alternating current in a generator?
a) the spinning of a coil
b) the speed a coil goes on and off
c) the size of the magnet's iron core
d) magnets pushing against each other

Energy stored in the bonds between atoms is
a) kinetic energy
b) thermal energy
c) electrical energy
d) chemical energy

What kind of energy is stored in a gas pump?
a) kinetic energy
b) thermal energy
c) chemical energy
d) mechanical energy

On a magnet, where is the magnetic field the strongest?
a) at both poles
b) in the middle
c) at the south pole
d) at the north pole

Why does a machine with moving parts give off heat?
a) Energy is lost as the parts move
b) Energy is gained as the temperature increases
c) Friction causes electrical energy to change to thermal energy
d) Friction causes mechanical energy to change to thermal energy

What produces an electric current?
a) a changing magnetic field
b) a stable magnetic field
c) energy loss from a magnetic field
d) energy gain from a magnetic field

What causes Earth to act like a magnet?
a) the shifting tectonic plates
b) the lack of metals around the equator
c) iron ore deposits at the North and South Pole
d) the movement of hot, liquid metal inside Earth

Kinetic energy and potential energy are both types of
a) solar energy
b) electrical energy
c) chemical energy
d) mechanical energy

If you break a bar magnet in half, what happens to the magnetic domain?
a) You get one North magnet and one South magnet
b) You have two smaller magnets, each with a North and South
c) The magnetic domain disappears
d) You can't break a magnet

When you drop a ball to the floor, what happens to the energy in the ball?
a) most of the energy is destroyed
b) the energy stays in the ball as it drops
c) the energy is gained by the air and the floor
d) energy is made and goes to the air and the floor

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