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Cameras with high resolution usually lack the processing power to deal with _____ images.
a) small
b) medium
c) large
d) jumbo

Watch out for cheap cameras with _______ resolutions.
a) low
b) high
c) weak
d) bright

Megapixel number tells you how many _______ the uses to produce an image.
a) megapixels
b) megabytes
c) pixels
d) resolution

Resolution is generally referred to in _____________.
a) megapixels
b) megabytes
c) pixels
d) resolution

When buying a camera lens you probably don't need more than ____.
a) 1X
b) 100X
c) 10X
d) 20X

You should make sure the camera fits ________________ in your hand.
a) tight
b) around your wrist
c) comfortably
d) Correct answer not given

Never look for a camera with the most megapixels or longest _______.
a) zoom
b) lens
c) pixel
d) screen

The higher _________________ or bigger zoom range doesn't make the camera better.
a) pixels
b) resolution
c) camera
d) lens

A lens of a single focal length is call a ______ lens.
a) prime
b) standard
c) resolution
d) extended

Very flat lens are usually referred to as _____ primes.
a) focus
b) pancake
c) optical
d) standard

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