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Tells a fictional story that can be based upon facts
a) science fiction
b) myth
c) informational text
d) narrative text

A folktale that is considered sacred and that attempts to explain how things came to be
a) informational text
b) myth
c) narrative text
d) science fiction

Phrases used to add style or bring life to writing
a) imagery
b) compound sentence
c) writing process
d) literary device

comparing two unlike things by saying one thing is another
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) analogy
d) conflict

Information needed to answer questions right there in the text
a) literal questions
b) inferential questions
c) interpretive questions
d) critical questions

Answer a question that is entirely in the reader's mind
a) inferential questions
b) literal questions
c) interpretive questions
d) critical questions

Progression of events leading to a resolution
a) character development
b) plot development
c) climax
d) falling action

Combine ideas in the text with prior knowledge to form inferences in order to answer a question
a) inferential questions
b) literal questions
c) critical questions
d) interpretive questions

The perspective from which a story is told
a) author's purpose
b) narrative text
c) writing process
d) point of view

Use a combination of information from the text, other sources, and prior knowledge to answer questions
a) literal questions
b) critical questions
c) interpretive questions
d) inferential questions

A group of words at the beginning of a paragraph or chapter that tell the reader what the section is all about
a) title
b) subheading
c) heading
d) main idea

A group of words that further break down the overall idea into smaller sections that relate to the topic
a) subheading
b) heading
c) compound sentence
d) text features

A struggle or battle a character experiences in a story
a) character development
b) character trait
c) plot development
d) conflict

A sentence containing two or more independent clauses joined by a conjunction
a) conjunction
b) complex sentence
c) compound sentence
d) simple sentence

An organizational pattern in which the similarities and differences are explained
a) compare and contrast
b) cause and effect
c) fact and opinion
d) description

The way in which a character changes overtime or throughout the course of a fictional story
a) conflict
b) plot development
c) character development
d) character trait

An organizational pattern in which an action occurs and something happens as a result of the action
a) conflict
b) analogy
c) compare and contrast
d) cause and effect

Comparing sets of items based on their relationships
a) compare and contrast
b) analogy
c) cause and effect
d) conflict

A word that describes a verb, answering how, when, where, or to what extent?
a) adverb
b) verb
c) adjective
d) pronoun

Different ways of organizing information based on the author's purpose
a) cause and effect
b) compare and contrast
c) organizational patterns
d) description

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