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The United states has two courts, so it has a ___________ court system.
a) one
b) three
c) dual
d) multiple

When the President introduces a law to Congress, what hat is he wearing?
a) Chief of party
b) Chief citizen
c) Commander-in-Chief
d) Chief Legislator

The AARP goes to COngress and tries to influence laws on behalf of elderly Americans. What is the AARP
a) an individual
b) a PAC
c) an special interest group

After a bill has been introduced by a member of Congress, where does it go before it is debated?
a) vote
b) president
c) debated
d) committee

When the president vetoes a law, what branches power is he/she checking?
a) executive
b) legislative
c) judicial
d) all of them

What is the main job of the Executive Branch of the government?
a) make laws
b) carry out and enforce laws
c) interpret laws

What is the main job of the judicial branch of government?
a) make laws
b) enforce and carry out laws
c) interpret laws

What is the main job of the Legislative Branch of the Government?
a) make laws
b) enforce and carry out laws
c) interpret laws

Splitting powers between the three branches of government is known as-
a) checks and balances
b) seperation of power
c) federalism
d) due process

What are the two steps to amend the Constitution, and what article of the Constitution states the process?
a) propose, approve, 4
b) propose, ratify, 5
c) introduce, ratify, 5
d) introduce, approve, 4

The founding fathers did not want the country to split apart like it did during the Civil War. What goal of the preamble illustrates this?
a) domestic tranquility
b) common defense
c) general welfare
d) form more perfect union

What is the first part of the Constitution, which states the 6 goals of the document, called?
a) articles
b) amendments
c) preamble
d) Constitution

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