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This amendment sets up rules for citizenship and protects due process rights from the state governments -
a) 1st amendment
b) 5th amendment
c) 10th amendment
d) 14th amendment

Which of the following is not one of the 5 requirements to be a natural born citizen?
a) speak, read, and write english
b) have knowledge of American history
c) take an oath of allegiance
d) memorize the Constitution

Duty's are things we must do as citizens, what do we call things we should do?
a) tasks
b) traits
c) responsibilities
d) party's

What function of a political party was completed when the Democrats chose Barack Obama to run for president?
a) monitor officeholders
b) educate the electorate about campaign issues
c) recruit and nominate candidates
d) campaign and vote for candidates

Where are all the differences between political party's located?
a) party plank
b) party platform
c) party convention
d) party operation

What do all political party's want to do?
a) win elections and influence public policy (laws)
b) be extremely liberal or conservative
c) appeal to a small group of the population
d) only get a party candidate to win the presidency

What type of political parties revolve around a political personality and introduce new ideas to the public?
a) democrats
b) republicans
c) 3rd parties

John was reading the newspaper and the article only talked about all the great things the democrats were doing and the bad things republicans were doing. Why should he stop reading this paper?
a) It is bias towards the democrats
b) it is bias towards the republicans
c) he should keep reading it
d) it is bias to both sides

Alice was arrested after writing an article in the Washington Post criticizing Obama. Which of her first amendment rights were violated?
a) religion
b) assembly
c) press
d) petition

Respect, honestly, responsibility and self reliance are all -
a) responsibilities
b) duties
c) traits of a good citizen

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