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Your enemy is your....
a) trepidation
b) impunity
c) nemesis
d) demented

Someone who is insane might be considered...
a) demented
b) trepidation
c) connoisseur
d) syndicate

If you are in a book club, you are most likely in a ....
a) syndicate
b) irreverent
c) nemesis
d) perjure

The greek root for law is...
a) juris
b) nom/nem
c) pun
d) liti

A ________________knows a lot about a particular subject.
a) trepidation
b) connoisseur
c) diagnosis
d) deter

the latin root for reason is...
a) not/ noiss
b) ment
c) ratio
d) gno

This root means old
a) temp
b) chron
c) ann
d) vet

Kids who are bad in class are often...
a) irreverent
b) chronic
c) amnesty
d) trepidation

The Nazis felt that they could attack Jews with _______________, because they weren't doing anything wrong.
a) nemesis
b) perjure
c) impunity
d) irreverent

The opposite of deter is...
a) hinder
b) encourage
c) frighten
d) punish

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