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T or F: One way of helping a child get ready to read is to read aloud to hime everyday, for example at bedtime.
a) True
b) False

T or F: One way of encouraging language development is to talk with children about what is happening around them.
a) True
b) False

What term is used to describe toys and activities that are suitable for a child at a specific age?
a) developmentally appropriate
b) sensory integrated
c) environmentally friendly
d) proportionally proper

What skill improves in toddlers that allows them to pick up small objects using their thumb and forefinger?
a) eyesight
b) sensory integration
c) gross motor skills
d) hand-eye coordination

What would most likely be a choking hazard for a 2 year old?
a) A pair of scissors
b) A toy airplane with small removable people
c) A poisonous liquid such as amonia
d) A large burning candle

If a child wants to improve their gross motor skills, which of these would probably be the most useful?
a) getting more physical exercise
b) eating more protein
c) getting more calcium
d) practicing his penmanship

How might a 3 year old show his hand-eye coordination?
a) by skipping rope
b) by turning a doorknob
c) by watching television
d) by climbing stairs

How can a parent encourage a child to dress herself?
a) by buying loose fitting clothes
b) by choosing pants with elastic waists
c) by allowing the child to choose her own clothes whenever possible
d) all of the above

WHy should a parent not feed carrots to a one year old?
a) The child is too young to hold on to the carrot
b) The child might choke
c) Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is unhealthy for young children
d) Young children get more vitamins from cooked vegetables than raw ones.

Which food group contains foods with the most protein?
a) vegetable
b) meat and beans
c) fruit
d) grain

Which is true concerning toilet training?
a) While toilet training, it is better to leave the child in diapers than to use training pants
b) A child who is not toilet trained by age 2 should have a medical checkup
c) A child should be physically and emotionally ready before beginning toilet training
d) all of the above

Why might a parent choose shoes with Velcro fastners rather than shoelaces?
a) to save money
b) so the child cannot take the shoes off without help
c) so that the child will be able to wear the shoes for a longer time period
d) so the child can put on shoes without help

What does the term autonomy mean?
a) self-discipline
b) independence
c) self-centered
d) all of the above

How might a parent encourage independence in a 3 year old?
a) put her milk in a cup with a spill proof lid
b) cut meat into small pieces
c) buy shoes with velcro fastners
d) all of the above

How does adult duidance help children with their moral development?
a) it encourages them to be independent in dressing and feeding themselves
b) it helps children overcome stranger anxiety
c) it helps them develop a conscience
d) all of the above

If a toddler is having a temper tantrum at a store because you will not purchase a toy, wha tis the best way to handle it?
a) immediately stop what you are doing and tell the child to settle down
b) take the child to a quiet spot to cool down
c) let the child have his way in order to stop the tantrum
d) act as though everything is normal and do not pay attention to the child

A toddler calls any pet he sees a cat. Whcih statement best explains this?
a) He lacks stimulation in his environment
b) He has not yet developmed long term memory
c) he has not yet developed short term memory
d) he has a misconception

When a child learns to ride a tricycle by watching his older sister, what learning method is he using?
a) imitation
b) directed learning
c) trial and error learning
d) incidental learning

In Piaget's four periods of learning, which period comes last?
a) concrete
b) sensorimotor
c) formal
d) preoperational

To what does the term articulation refer?
a) learning by imitation
b) trial and error learning
c) the ability to think logically
d) the ability to use clear, distinct speech

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