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What does Jake say that shows us he might still have a problem?
a) I get it!
b) I know
c) But what happens when we have to add even bigger numbers.

What does Jake do that lets his brother know he is feeling down?
a) He asks how to add.
b) He kicks a rock and looks glum.
c) He looks at his test.

What idea does Amy have to count numbers higher than 10?
a) counting the hairs on her head.
b) counting her toes.
c) she does not have any ideas.
d) she has more than 10 fingers.

How does Ben teach Jake to be better at math?
a) counting on his fingers.
b) counting his hairs.
c) he does not help him.

How are Ben and Jake related?
a) Ben is Jake's little brother.
b) Jake is Ben's big brother.
c) Ben is Jake's big brother.
d) Amy is Ben and Jake's sister.

What kind of math does Jake have trouble with?
a) adding numbers with sums less than 10.
b) adding numbers with sums bigger than 10.
c) subtracting big numbers.
d) counting numbers on his fingers.

Which character is the oldest?
a) Ben
b) Jake
c) Amy
d) Darth

About how old do you think Amy is?
a) Amy is 6 or 7 because she is in 1st grade.
b) Amy is 13 or 14 because she has 10 figures.
c) Amy is 18 or 19 because she is learning to add.

Where does the story take place?
a) in the afternoon
b) in the morning
c) outside on the sidewalk
d) at school

If Jake uses his fingers and his toes, how high could he count?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30

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