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Which of the following can be not likely lead to reduced insurance rates
a) speeding ticket
b) driving an older car
c) good grades
d) shopping around for the best rates

Which of the following can be a challenge when managing money on your own as a young single adult
a) all of the answers
b) time poverty and fatigue
c) impulse buying due to lack of an accountability partner
d) not keeping a written budget

Which of the following is true
a) any kind of duplicate coverage is a bad idea
b) there is no bad isurance
c) pet insurance is a good idea since pet emergencies can be very expensive
d) mortgage life insurance is necessary if you are a homeowner

Which of the following is not a recommended way of lowering your car insurance premiums
a) shop around
b) increase your deductible
c) get good grades and take a driver education class
d) drop your auto insurance altogether

The number one cause of divorce in America is
a) money fights
b) religious differences
c) children
d) the in-laws

The amount of life insurance you should have is __ times your income
a) 10
b) 25
c) 15
d) 20

Which of the following policies would be duplicate coverage for your health insurance policy
a) cancer and hospital indemnity insurance
b) auto insurance
c) long term care insurance
d) disability insurance

Which of the following policies is not a benefit of having a will
a) you only need a will if you have a large estate
b) your will can be an expression of your personal values
c) a well drafted will can allow your family to minimize death taxes and other costs that may drain your estate of assets
d) a will enables you to nominate the persons who will handle your estate or serve as guardians to your children

For women the _____ is the most important key to financial security
a) emergency fund
b) envelope system
c) checking account
d) job promotion

Which of the following statements about disability insurance is false
a) disability insurance is not necessary if you have a good health insurance policy
b) it is a good idea to buy this type of insurance through your employer
c) short term disability should be covered by your full emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of expenses
d) your coverage should be for 65% of your income

Which type of insurance should you have
a) disability
b) cancer
c) credit card protection
d) accidental death insurance

The type of insurance to buy when you are 60 years old is
a) long term care insurance
b) short term life insurance
c) disability insurance
d) long term life insurance

When it comes to communications with others about money, you should not
a) manipulate
b) be honest
c) listen
d) pick the right time and place

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