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a) shivering
b) sweat
c) light
d) running

The idea that living things can arise from nonliving matter
a) biology
b) biogenesis
c) antibiotic
d) spontaneous generation

Group of cells that develop from a single original cell when placed in a nutrient solution
a) petri dish
b) cell culture
c) cellular slime mold
d) cellular mitosis

Characteristic of life -- birds using energy from food in order to fly
a) homeostasis
b) response/stimulus
c) metabolism
d) evolution

Metric system basic unit of mass
a) liters
b) degrees Celsius
c) grams
d) meter

Which characteristic of life -- whales swimming south to reproduce, and swimming north to search for food.
a) response to environment
b) metabolism
c) growth and development
d) evolution

Instrument used to separate cell parts
a) microscope
b) cell culture
c) centrifuge
d) scalpel

Smallest unit of life able to carry out life functions
a) population
b) molecule
c) nucleus
d) cell

Characteristic of life -- offspring resemble their parents
a) metabolism
b) heredity
c) response/stimulus
d) cellular organization

Instrument used to view the surface of whole organisms
a) transmission electron microscope
b) compound light microscope
c) scanning electron microscope
d) centrifuge

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