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During the 1800s, Japan changed mostly due to what?
a) an invasion of Japan by imperial powers
b) peaceful relations with China and Russia
c) a return to traditional Japanese culture
d) modernization that began with Emperor Meiji

The Berlin Conference was a European plan to do what?
a) divide China among imperial powers
b) allow China to be free of European influence
c) divide the African continent among the imperial powers
d) all Africa to develop independent nations

Why did the European powers need to imperialize Asia and Africa?
a) for the slave trade
b) for new markets and raw materials
c) for new colonies for gold
d) for the creation of new governments

What was European colonial rule like, in general?
a) Native populations were treated with kindness and respect
b) The native population shared in decision making
c) It improved the lives of the native population
d) It involved harsh rules that led to the mistreatment of the natives

What nation did Japan defeat in the war in 1905?
a) Germany
b) France
c) England
d) Russia

What did the Sepoy Rebellion symbolize for Britain?
a) the need to include native populations in all decision making
b) Indian anger and resentment toward British rule
c) the need to increase the pay for all soldiers under British command
d) that the native populations were happy living under British rule

What was the goal of the Boxer Rebellion?
a) to give France total control of Chinese trade
b) to spread democracy throughout China
c) to build more ports along the Chinese coast
d) to rid China of outside influence

Following the Spanish-American War, how di other countries view the United States?
a) as a weak, broke, but lucky nation
b) as a world power with a powerful navy
c) as a nation that had no influence beyond its borders
d) as a nation that does not get involvoed with others' affairs

The following all have to do with what war: Jingoism, Yellow Journalism, USS Maine, Imperialism?
a) Spanish-American War
b) Russo-Japanese War
c) Zulu Wars
d) Sepoy Rebellion

What happened to China as a result of the Opium Wars?
a) China defeated the European powers
b) China emerged as a world power
c) Only Great Britain became involved in Chinese trade and government affairs
d) Multiple European powers became involved in Chinese trade and government affairs

Which European country established the largest imperial empire?
a) France
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) Great Britain

Which term describes extreme national pride and the wish to strength the nation?
a) imperialism
b) nationalism
c) patriotism
d) self-rule

What is a characteristic of an imperialist nation?
a) The country gains power by gaining land
b) The country splits into city-states
c) The country does not get involved in other countries' affairs
d) Its leader is a constitutional monarch

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