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She can run very quickly
a) Can she run?
b) Does she run?
c) How can she run?
d) Can she run very quickly?

No, I don't often have eggs for breakfast
a) Do you have eggs for breakfast?
b) What do you have for breakfast?
c) Do you have often eggs for breakfast?
d) Do you often have eggs for breakfast?

These children can play some instruments
a) Can these children play any instruments?
b) What can these children do?
c) Do these children play any instruments?
d) Are these the children who can play some instruments?

Yes, Mark is coming with us
a) Is Mark coming with your brother?
b) Is Mark coming with you and me?
c) Is Mark coming with your brother and me?
d) Is Mark coming with your brother and Joan?

Charles and Margaret are reading in the living room
a) Are Charles and Margaret reading in the garden?
b) What are Charles and Margaret reading?
c) Are Charles and Margaret in the living room?
d) Where are Charles and Margaret reading?

Yes, we have got some oranges in the fridge
a) Where are the oranges?
b) How many oranges have you got?
c) Have you got any food in the fridge?
d) Have you got any oranges?

I often go on foot
a) How do yo go to school?
b) How you go to school?
c) Do you often drive?
d) Do you often go on foot?

Martha plays tennis at the week-end
a) When plays Martha tennis?
b) When does Martha play tennis?
c) When do Martha play tennis?
d) When does Martha plays tennis?

I go swimming twice a week
a) When do you go swimming?
b) Do you often go swimming?
c) Do you go swimming every week?
d) How often do you go swimming?

I was born in Spain
a) Where did you born?
b) When did you borned?
c) Where were you born?
d) Where was you born?

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