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Metric unit of measurement for mass
a) gram
b) centimeter
c) inch
d) liter

Which characteristic of life -- after you eat, your glucose level rises, then drops after a time, causing you to be hungry.
a) made of cells
b) evolution
c) heredity
d) homeostasis

Term for group of organisms of one type living in same place.
a) species
b) community
c) population
d) biosphere

Use this instrument to view small, living organisms
a) scanning electron microscope
b) dependent electron microscope
c) transmission electron microscope
d) compound light microscope

A hypothesis that has withstood testing is called a(n)
a) guess
b) experiment
c) theory
d) fact

The measured variable in an experiment is the
a) dependent variable
b) mixed-up variable
c) controlled variable
d) independent variable

Number of grams in 1.4 kg
a) 14
b) 14,000
c) 1400
d) 140

The level of organization that includes all living things on Earth
a) ecosystem
b) molecule
c) community
d) biosphere

A logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or experience.
a) guess
b) assumption
c) inference
d) fact

Steady internal conditions
a) heredity
b) stimuli
c) response
d) homeostasis

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