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Caleb’s character is revealed mainly through
a) Caleb’s words.
b) Caleb’s actions.
c) the author’s description of Caleb.
d) Caleb’s unspoken thoughts.

The setting contributes to the plot by adding an element of
a) humor
b) suspense
c) sadness
d) joy

Read these sentences from the passage: “I should never have joined the stupid Outdoors Club. That was another one of your brilliant ideas.” What type of irony, if any, do these lines contain?
a) situational
b) dramatic
c) verbal
d) none

At what point of the passage does Jack admit that he’s getting nervous, too?
a) resolution/denouement
b) falling action
c) rising action
d) climax

The author’s tone helps to create a mood that is
a) more lighthearted than menacing.
b) both somber and alarming.
c) dark and mysterious.
d) both gloomy and frightening.

Which sentence from the passage contains an allusion?
a) “There’s no cell phone service, and the sun’s going down.”
b) The cabin was 50 yards in front of us, along with the rest of the Outdoors Club.
c) “You’ve been reading too many Little House on the Prairie books.”
d) Personally, I was more concerned about bears, but I wasn’t going to tell Caleb that.

Read this sentence from the passage. She recalled one of Caesar’s memorable lines from the play: “Cowards die many times before their deaths.” Which literary element is in the sentence above?
a) allegory
b) parody
c) paradox
d) satire

This passage is written from which point of view?
a) fi rst person
b) third-person limited
c) third-person omniscient
d) third-person objective

“Promotion” is a story about a shy woman who is reluctant to speak in public. When her success at work earns her a promotion, she is required to address a large group of people. With her stomach in knots, she somehow manages to get through her speech
a) Work hard, and you will succeed.
b) Be prepared for the unexpected challenges life will bring.
c) Sometimes you have no choice but to face your fears.
d) Your closest friends may not be aware of your feelings.

If the events in this passage were described by Amanda’s cousin Lauren in a letter to a friend, what would most likely be different?
a) There would be more references to Shakespeare.
b) Amanda’s thoughts would not be expressed.
c) There would be more dialogue between Amanda and the other girls.
d) Amanda would not hesitate before climbing the ladder.

Which phrase from the passage suggests a historical context?
a) her cousin Lauren who had invited Amanda
b) at the Sunset Valley swimming pool
c) mountain biking and skateboarding
d) If Edmund Hillary can climb Mount Everest

Read this sentence from the passage. After all, she’d been mountain biking and skateboarding since she was old enough to walk. This sentence contains an example of
a) hyperbole.
b) a simile.
c) personifi cation.
d) an idiom.

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