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What was Napoleon's goal for the Napoleonic Wars?
a) to control all of Russia
b) to control all of Asia
c) to control all foreign colonies
d) to control all of Europe

By the end of the British Industrial Revolution, which industry replaced farming as a top industry?
a) fishing
b) transportation
c) shipping
d) manufacturing

Due to the harsh living and working conditions that developed during the Industrial Revolution, what occurred?
a) social and working reforms created by unions
b) religious and political reforms created by the clergy
c) social and political reforms created by the king
d) working and religious reforms created by the landowners

Which of the following men gave the speech that started the Mexican Revolution?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Father Miguel Hidalgo
c) Toussaint l'Ouverture
d) Galileo Galilei

Before the French Revolution, France had which type of government?
a) republic
b) dictatorship
c) absolute monarchy
d) anarchy

What was the goal of an Italian Nationalist?
a) German neighbors
b) French resturants in Italy
c) join all Italians into one country
d) sign an alliance with Poland

How did most people work before the Industrial Revolution?
a) on farms
b) in factories
c) for the kings
d) as fishermen

What industry began the Industrial Revolution?
a) steam
b) metal
c) textile
d) cottage

Which term means making a large number of an item?
a) mass production
b) division of labor
c) interchangeable parts
d) assembly line

Who is known as the leader of the revolutions in South America?
a) Father Hidalgo
b) Toussaint l'Ouverture
c) Napoleon
d) Simon Bolivar

Which country's revolution started as a slavee revolt?
a) Mexico
b) Haiti
c) Colombia
d) France

Who made up the Third Estate
a) the monarch
b) the clergy
c) the nobility
d) commoners

Which of the following groups believed that the means of production should be owned by society as a whole?
a) socialists
b) private entrepreneurs
c) capitalists
d) stockholders

Which of the following was an underlying cause of the French Revolution?
a) a growing French empire
b) unequal tax burdens
c) a law granting peasants more freedom
d) equal land owernship

All of the following fueled French desires to revolt against the monarch except the ____ .
a) ideas of Enlightenmen
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Reign of Terror
d) American Revolution

What is Issac Newton is best known for?
a) his geocentric theory of the universe
b) the discovery of universal laws of motion
c) the invention of the scientific method
d) disproving the ideas of Johannes Kepler

Why was Galileo imprisoned for his scientific teachings?
a) They went against the kings beliefs
b) They went against the church teachings
c) They went against the lower class' teachings
d) They went against the Pilgrim's teachings

During the Scientific Revolution the heliocentric view of the universe was first proposed by ____ .
a) Ptolemy
b) Francis Bacon
c) Issac Newton
d) Nicolas Copernicus

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