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Which of the following courts in Virginia has the right to a trial heard by a jury?
a) General District Court
b) Circuit Court
c) Juevenile and Domestic Relations Court
d) Virginia Supreme Court

Which of the following roles best describes the President's ability to conduct foreign policy?
a) Chief Legislator
b) Chief of State
c) Chief Diplomat
d) Commander in Chief

Which supreme court case established the principle of judicial review?
a) Marbury v. Madison
b) Texas v. Johnson
c) Brown v. Board of Education
d) Gideon v. Wainwright

Which of the following roles best describes the Presidents actions of controlling military forces?
a) Chief Citizen
b) Chief Diplomat
c) Chief Legislator
d) Commander in Chief

Which of the following describes a case involving a disagreement between two or more people?
a) Federal
b) Criminal
c) Civil
d) Judicial Review

Which step comes after a debate in how a bill becomes a law?
a) introducing the bill
b) conference committee
c) vote on the floor of both houses
d) signed by the president

Which of the following is a legislative check over the executive?
a) appointing federal judges
b) judicial review
c) impeaching the president
d) calling a special session of congress

Which of the following is a check held by the judicial branch?
a) impeaching judges
b) appointing federal judges
c) finding laws unconstitutional
d) overriding a veto

Which branch is being checked by the executive when the president vetoes a law?
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) Supreme

Which court would hear cases involving federal cases?
a) Virginia Supreme Court
b) Circuit Court
c) General District Court
d) US District Court

Which of the following would be considered an ordinance?
a) Affordable Care Act
b) Speed limit on Interstate 95
c) Profanity violations on a boardwalk
d) No texting while driving law

Which branch of the US government has the power to appoint officials such as judges and ambassadors?
a) Legislative
b) Exeuctive
c) Judicial
d) Supreme

Which court has the power to hear felony cases?
a) General District Court
b) Circuit Court
c) US District Court
d) Virginia Court of Appeals

Which of the following is not elected as part of the Virginia state executive?
a) Mayor
b) Governor
c) Lieutenant Governor
d) Attorney General

Which of the following is the legislative body for the state of Virginia?
a) Governor
b) Board of Supervisors
c) Congress
d) General Assembly

Which legislative body makes laws regarding county ordinances?
a) General Assembly
b) Congress
c) Board of Supervisors
d) Town Council

Which of the following is not a position elected locally for each county?
a) Sheriff
b) Clerk of the Circuit Court
c) Manager
d) Commissioner of Revenue

Powers shared between state and national governments are called which of the following?
a) Concurrent
b) Expressed
c) Implied
d) Reserved

Which of the following is a power specifically given to the state governments?
a) Education
b) Foreign Policy
c) Interstate trade
d) Military Defense

Which of the following is power given specifically to the national government?
a) Foreign policy
b) Education
c) Marriage
d) Police, Fire Rescue

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