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The lowest point of a wave is the
a) crest
b) trough
c) wave height
d) wave length

Water molecules are moved hundreds of miles across the ocean by waves
a) True
b) False

The highest point of a wave is the
a) trough
b) crest
c) wave height
d) wave length

A body of warm water in the Pacific Ocean that greatly affects weather is
a) Tusnami
b) La Nina
c) El Nino
d) Bay

The three main ways the ocean moves are
a) currents, tides and waves
b) Monsoon, El Nino, Tsunami
c) Crest, Trough, Wave height
d) High, Low, Tides

Cold water is more ____ than warm water so it sinks
a) gravity
b) dense
c) algae
d) salt

Land near cold water currents tends to have weather that is
a) wet and warm
b) wet and cold
c) dry and cold
d) dry and warm

The ____ winds allowed trade routes to be established in the Indian Ocean
a) Tidal
b) El Nino
c) Monsoon
d) Gravitational

There is more oxygen in the ocean near the surface because of
a) Fish
b) Moon
c) Sun
d) algae

The 5 oceans of the world are:
a) Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Anarctic
b) Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Gulf of Mexico, Arctic
c) Arctic, Pacific, Indian, Southern
d) Atlantic, Mediterranean, Pacific, Arctic, Indian

The main mineral dissolved in seawater is:
a) Oxygen
b) Salt
c) Minerals
d) Carbon Dioxide

Tides are a result of the gravitational pull of the moon
a) True
b) False

A rip current can pull a swimmer far out to sea
a) True
b) False

What field of science began with the Challenger Expedition in 1872
a) Geography
b) Oceanography
c) Astronomy
d) Physics

Which is NOT a method of desalination?
a) Evaporation
b) Distillation
c) Reverse Osmosis
d) Centrifudge

Where are the majority of desalination plants located?
a) Middle East
b) Europe
c) United States
d) Africa

Major surface currents combine to form the 5 major circulations
a) Whirlpools
b) Hurricanes
c) Gyres
d) Streams

Surface currents and prevailing winds rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere due to this:
a) Doppler effect
b) Coriolis effect
c) Phased array
d) Weather effect

What scale is used to describe wind and waves in the open ocean?
a) Farenheit
b) Fujita-pearson
c) Beaufort
d) Saffir-simpson

What is a whirlpool caused by changing tides called?
a) Swirl
b) Hurricane
c) Tornado
d) Maelstrom

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