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Which of the following is a philsophy of John Locke?
a) Citizens should not follow any form of political authority or have any common purpose
b) One leader having absolute authority over a nation is the only way to maintain order
c) What the majority wants is not always best for the country
d) Government should only exist if the citizens approve of the government

Which of the following describes a constitutional monarchy?
a) Monarchs have absolute power and make their own laws
b) A dictator makes all decisions and controls every aspect of slavery
c) An elected president and two other branches of government to make laws
d) Monarchs rule only according to limits of basic laws

Which term of government describes having a congress made up of two house?
a) compromise
b) bicameral
c) checks and balances
d) Supreme Court

Privileges of nobles, only common people paying taxes, and the church controlling much of the country's land, were all factors leading to a revolution in which country?
a) Great Britain
b) the United States
c) Russia
d) France

What was the outcome of the Glorious Revolution?
a) Britain having a constitutional monarchy and the English Bill of Rights
b) Britain having an absolute monarchy and the English Bill of Rights
c) Brtiain having a constitutional monarchy and an unlimited governement
d) Britain having the Magna Carta and an absolute monarchy

What changes in government did the Enlightenment inspire?
a) move from unlimited government to a limited government
b) a move from limited government to an unlimited government
c) a move from democracy to totalitarianism
d) a move from constitutional monarchy to absolute monarchy

Which of the following events or practices in history was inspired by writers and philosophers of the Enlightement?
a) facism
b) French Revolution
c) capitalism
d) authoritarianism

Which statement below describes the main purpose of a constitution?
a) It lists standard punishments for those who break laws
b) It lists reasons why independence is the best thing for states
c) It lists basic laws and values, as wells as responsibilities of governments
d) It tells citizens clearly what laws they cannot break

Under which of the following systems of government do citizens enjoy the most protections and freedoms?
a) totalitarianism
b) authoritarianism
c) constitutional monarchy
d) dictatorship

During the 1600s and 1700s, most of Europe was ruled by unlimited governments. Which of the following is an example of an unlimited government?
a) anarchy
b) absolute monarchy
c) constitutional monarchy
d) democracy

Absolute monarchs believed they were given the right to rule by what idea?
a) Puritan beliefs
b) a constitution
c) divine right
d) priests making laws

During the Enlightment, many people placed their faith in finding answers using what?
a) reason
b) religion
c) the kings
d) the military

In a democracy, a constitution draws its power from ____ .
a) the government
b) the courts
c) the people
d) the monarch

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