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When a type of pigeon is hunted almost to extinction, the resulting survivors form a population. This population is less genetically diverse that the original population. This is an example of
a) stabilizing selection
b) bottleneck
c) Founder effect
d) punctuated equalibrium

The Founder’s Effect can be characterized by which of the following?
a) Ellis-van Creveld syndrome in the Amish community
b) when the island population has more genetic diversity than the mainland

Mutations are
a) no longer a concern with modern medicine
b) changes in carbohydrates.
c) changes in DNA

Genetic drift can be defined as
a) changes in the gene pool due to random events.
b) gene flow.
c) the continental shift of the plates on the Earth's surface
d) the movement of individuals from land to water.

Two male seals want to mate with a female seal. The male seals challenge each other to a fight. These fights can be very vicious and males often have scars on their necks form these fights. What type of sexual selection is being displayed?
a) intrasexual selection
b) intersexual selection
c) asexual selection

A bowerbird male builds a structure and decorates it with sticks and blue colored objects in an attempt to attract a mate.
a) intrasexual selection
b) intersexual selection
c) asexual selection

What mathematical model do scientists use to determine that a population is changing?
a) Founder Effect
b) Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
c) A +B = C

Which of the following statements regarding the founder effect is false?
a) The founder effect is a process, like over hunting or natural disasters, that randomly affects allele frequencies.
b) A founder effect example would be dwarfism in the Amish community.
c) The founder effect tends to reduce genetic variability in the founder population
d) The founder effect tends to lead to lower number of traits.

The ______________is the set of all genes, or genetic information, in any population.
a) gene pool
b) bottleneck effect
c) founder effect

A type of gene flow when new alleles or genes enter into a population is called:
a) immigration
b) emigration

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