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A group of interrelated components designed collectively to achieve a common goal
a) system
b) parameter
c) requirements
d) optimization

the parameters placed on the development of a product or system
a) requirements
b) criteria
c) process
d) control

the desired features of a product or system
a) criteria
b) constraints
c) system
d) parameter

the limitations of a design
a) constraints
b) criteria
c) trade-off
d) close-loop system

making the product as functional as it can be, given the criteria and constraints
a) optimization
b) system
c) control
d) requirement

a choice of one quality over another
a) trade-off
b) saving money
c) parameter

a sequence of actions used to combine resources in order to produce and output
a) process
b) a cake
c) output
d) input

the mechanism or activities that use information to cause systems to change
a) controls
b) process
c) system
d) criteria

Controls can be
a) manual
b) automatic
c) none listed
d) all listed

Controls are the essential ingredient in what type of system
a) closed-loop
b) open-loop
c) any system

In a system, if one part fails...
a) all other parts are impacted
b) nothing happens

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