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Which of the following characteristics describes a Federalist
a) Farmer
b) Believes the wealthy should rule
c) Supports the French Revolution
d) Believes in strong state governments

How did the American Revolution impact other parts of the world
a) It led to Great Britain giving up its other colonies
b) It made other nations fearful of American strength
c) It encouraged other nations to fight for their independence
d) It made citizens of other nations fearful of a fight for independence

Which of these describes a federal system of government?
a) Government is run by one political party
b) A single leader makes all of the government decisions
c) Individual states have power over the national government
d) Power is shared by the national and state governments

In terms of representation to Congress which of the following is based on equal representation?
a) Senate
b) Supreme Court
c) President's cabinet
d) House of Representatives

What did the Great Compromise decide?
a) Representation in Congress
b) The names of political parties
c) The system of checks and balances
d) The Process of selecting the president

What was the original purpose of the convention in May 1787
a) To write the US Constitutuion
b) To end the conflict in Massachusetts
c) To revise the Articles of Confederation
d) To rewrite the Declaration of Independence

Why is Shays's Rebellion an important event in US History
a) It was the beginning of a civil war
b) It shocked Congress into the realization that there needed to be a Constitutional Convention
c) It showed the strength of the Massachusetts militia
d) It dramatized the power of the central government

A Federalist could be described as
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Aaron Burr
c) John Adams
d) Donald Trump

Following the American Revolution, what did Congress fear about a strong central government?
a) States would have too much power
b) Rights for which people fought would be lost
c) Another war would occur between England and America
d) Laws would be passed to prevent people from settling in new territories

A Democratic Republican could be described as
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) a Farmer
c) supporter of the French Revolution
d) All of the above

Which of these events led to the addition of the 12th Amendment to the Constitution?
a) The election of 1800
b) The Whiskey Rebellion
c) The Alien and Sedition Acts
d) The establishment of a national bank

Why did most republicans support the French Revolution?
a) They believed democracy was worth the fight
b) They admired the orderliness of the revolution
c) They admired the strength of the French monarchy
d) They believed the wealthy were best prepared to lead France

What advice did President Washington give to Americans in his Farewell Address?
a) Pay taxes without complaint
b) Support the revoluton in France
c) Do not address the president with royal titles
d) Do not let political party loyalty divide the nation

Why did President Washington order the army to end the Whiskey Rebellion
a) He feared the citizens would start another revoltuion
b) He felt it was his responsibility to protect tax collectors
c) He saw the rebellion as a threat to the new government's authority
d) He was more comfortable as a military leader than a political leader

What is an excise tax?
a) a tax on property
b) a tax on income earned
c) a sales tax
d) a tax on money inherited or received as a gift

What was the cause of the Whiskey Rebellion?
a) Farmers refused to pay taxes on whiskey
b) Farmers refused to use grain to produce whiskey
c) The government would not allow the trade of whiskey
d) The government made the production of whiskey illegal

All of these were part of the President Washington’s cabinet except the
a) Department of War
b) Department of State
c) Treasury Departent
d) Education Department

Which of the following characteristics describes a Republican
a) Merchant
b) Believes the wealthy should rule
c) Supports the French Revolution
d) Believes in a strong national government

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