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The 19th amendment is about the right to vote not being denied due to
a) age
b) the state you live in
c) race, color, or state of servitude
d) gender (sex)

One of the New Deal projects that provided jobs for people was:
a) the Erie Canal
b) the Boulder Dam (aka Hoover Dam)
c) Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
d) Los Angeles International Airport

Radio and television affected the U.S. economy by:
a) providing information about Presidential candidates
b) encouraging people to become actors and musicians
c) providing a family activity
d) influencing people to buy things

The U.S. holiday that honors men and women who died in military service is called:
a) Veterans Day
b) Memorial Day
c) Labor Day
d) Military Day

The U.S. 442nd Regiment was unusual because they were:
a) former inmates of Japanese internment camps
b) African-American pilots who volunteered to serve
c) the pilots who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan
d) secret code breakers stationed in the Pacific

During WWII, the Tuskegee Airmen were unusual because they were
a) the pilots who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan
b) the pilots who helped break secret codes of the Axis
c) African-American pilots who volunteered to serve
d) the pilots who trained Allied air force members

The main reason the U.S. entered WWII in 1941 was because
a) the Japanese navy and air force attacked U.S. base in Hawaii
b) there were many unemployed people due to the Great Depression
c) of the Cold War
d) Germans attacked U.S. ships

Allies of the U.S. during both WWI and WWII were
a) Great Britain and France
b) Germany and Soviet Union (aka Russia)
c) France and Germany
d) Japan and Germany

During WWII, there were so many men in the military that women started to
a) work as nurses
b) go to college
c) do jobs men usually did
d) manage ammunition manufacturing plants

The end of WWII was caused by
a) Germany invading Poland
b) Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor
c) Hitler committing suicide
d) the U.S. bombing of two Japanese cities with atomic bomb

A major cause of WWII was
a) Hitler's death camps
b) Aggressive dictators ruled Japan, Italy, and Germany
c) Germans fired on U.S. ships
d) Japan attached Pearl Harbor

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